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My Podcast

Feb 8, 2020

Christopher Massey shares why he isn't afraid to fail and why you shouldn't be either.

Feb 1, 2020

Shannon, Sherman, and Jay share their thoughts on what's going on in basketball and football.

Jan 25, 2020

My Podcast is all about you being heard.  You can pretty much talk about anything as long as it isn't "Hate Speech".


Everyones voice can be heard.


Today was Beth Purdy and Robin Malone's turn.


Got Something To Say?

Jan 18, 2020

Got Something to Say?



Let’s get this straight.  You have something to say and you want people to hear it.  Not being heard is driving you crazy.  


We get it.


We created this podcast as a chance for you to speak out.


The Baltimore area is full of people with local, regional, and national stories.